Post Production Services

We can produce your post and give support on your post workflow. We've delivered over 100+ hours over the years and have a long list of freelance talent. As a whole we can get your film to delivery for a fraction of the cost of a London or Bristol post house.

Grade & Sound Mix

We can handle your grade and sound in house or working with one of the colourists and sound engineers that we have on our books.

We're happy working from your offline and can take an offline project from Avid, FCP, Premiere, Davinci and back again.

Foreign Language Re-versioning & Subtitling

Subtitles and closed captions are now a pretty standard delivery requirement. We can produce closed captions and audio description (AD) and handle any dubbing requirements.

We're also comfortable working with non-English languages. Around half the films we make are non-English. We can handle dubbing, subtitling and re-versioning.

We recently re-versioned a whole series of films into multiple different languages for a brand reaching out to new countries.

QC & Delivery

We've delivered over 100+ hours of content to broadcasters and streamers. We can take your online or offline project and produce the delivery materials to the specs required (including video masters, timecoded transcripts, subtitle files). We can work to a list of multiple masters e.g Pro Res, DCP, DCDM. 

Best place to start is to send us your delivery materials checklist and we can put together a quote.

Contact us for a quote: