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Thank You For The Rain

Five years ago Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, started to use his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the damages of climate change. When a violent storm throws him and a Norwegian filmmaker together we see him transform from a father, to community leader and activist on the global stage.

In production - A Banyak Films & Hakawati Co-Production

The Disappeared

In 2011 Bassel was a successful open source developer and hacker in Damascus. Paolo was a well-known priest. Both active in the revolution in 2011, they were witnesses to crimes and aggression before they were forcibly disappeared. The Disappeared is a personal look at the strategic use of disappearance as a weapon of war.

Dir: Yasmin Fedda, Prod: Hugh Hartford & Elhum Shakerifar

BFI, Creative England, Scottish Documentary Institute

Only My Voice

In an ode to freedom, migrant women share their ambitions and dreams of a new life.

Red Bull

Throwing Rocks

Red Bull has asked us to make a number of short touching and honest docs profiling people passionate about what they do. Meet Chris Plys – The outsider who is shaking up the world of curling.

A Banyak Doodle


Newcomer Zoe Thompson competes in Europe’s Strongest Woman competition.

Al Jazeera Witness

Refugees Got Talent

To lift the spirits in a Greek refugee camp four friends host a talent show.

2x 48min Al Jazeera

Europe’s Forbidden Colony

From France’s Front Nationale, to neo-fascists Jobbik in Hungary and the looming Brexit, Europe’s disgruntled voters are turning to an anti-elitist populism that is challenging mainstream politics. With French and German elections due this year, there are fears centrist parties will lose more ground, but few can explain why. In this new two part documentary series, Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat looks behind the refugee flows, terror attacks, and Brexit to reveal what is really threatening Europe’s establishment.

Guardian Films

A Tale of Two Lands

Bacchus Wilson Panyonnoh, a 35-year-old palm oil worker, and Lee Sworh, a community activist, live in the remote forests of south-east Liberia. Both have been affected by the arrival of Golden Veroleum Liberia to build one of the country’s largest palm oil plantations. For Panyonnoh, it offers the chance of a better life but Sworh wants it off the land.

Al Jazeera - Witness

India’s Wushu Warrior

Schoolgirl Fareeha dreams of becoming a martial arts champion. Now after qualifying for an Indian national tournament she must convince her family to let her compete.

Guardian Films

The Weight of Light

A three-part series highlighting some of the world’s most innovative sustainable energy plans.

7x30min - Al Jazeera

Rebel Geeks

A 7 part series exploring the flip-side of the internet revolution. The co-founder of Twitter returns to activism, Berlin hackers put counter-surveillance gadgets in near space and citizen journalists from the Favelas of Brazil meta-tag their videos of police violence.

BBC 4, Sky Arts

James Ravilious

One of Britain’s greatest  postwar documentary photographers, Ravilious dedicated his art to a rural English world in steady decline.

Narrated by Alan Bennett and Co-Produced by Peter West.

Film 4, Channel 4, PBS, NHK, NRK, SVT, SBS

Ping Pong

“An unabashed crowd-pleaser bouncing between sweetly satirical and sincerely moving” 

                   Total Film ****

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Olive lives by herself without water or electricity. Her way of life does not greatly differ from that of her grandfather’s (at the beginning of the 20th century), but Olive still has to deal with the Ministry of Agriculture who are coming to test her cattle. Through careful observation, humour and sensitivity, this short doc shatters the illusion of idyllic rural life in North Devon.

The North Face

The Power in Me

Agency Factory Labs asked us to make 3 ‘micro movies’ about The North Face sponsored athletes that embrace the mantra ‘Never Stop Exploring’. It took us to the Himalayas, the Alps, the Pyrenees and a patch of Suburban greenery just past the M25.

A Banyak Doodle

The Runners

With nothing but our own two legs moving us, we begin to get a vague, tingling sense of who, or what, we really are.

Al Jazeera +

How to Rob a Bank

Set against major economic collapse Nuria Guell  teams up with a convicted bank robber and through a series of prison visits draws up plans to rob the central bank of Spain.

Al Jazeera

From Africa’s Palms

Nidhi Dutt investigates the mirky business of palm oil in Cameroon.

Al Jazeera

Broken Covenant

When Stuart Griffiths left the army he found himself homeless. He is now an acclaimed documentary photographer. We join Stuart on his latest, most biographical work to date, his subject – the treatment of soldiers on ‘civi street’.

Al Jazeera

Angola: Birth of a Movement

Arrested, harassed, beaten but still as noisy as ever – Ana de Sousa’s film shows how the Angolan youth refuse to be silenced.

National Geographic

Short Man of the Forest

Primatologist Murray Collins goes in search of the Orang Pendek, a new species of bipedal great ape found in the highland jungles of Sumatra.

Al Jazeera

The Circus Children

For decades, Nepali children, mostly girls, have been sought by Indian circuses for their fair skin and beauty.  Neal follows an extraordinary Nepali rescue team as they head to India to raid a large Indian circus, suspected of using child performers.

Piecing Together Rwanda’s Past

Historians re-imagine Rwanda’s pre-colonial past using archaeological evidence. Premiered at the Rwanda Film Festival 2008 and toured across Rwanda in an inflatable cinema. The film is now on show in the National Museum in Butare.

History is a Teacher

In some towns in Bosnia schools are deliberately divided down ethnic lines. In the same building, Croat kids are taught in separate classrooms to Muslims. Schools teach history from different national curriculums, providing differing views of the past. History is a Teacher explores the importance of history in shaping national identity.

Al Jazeera

Beppe’s Blog

Beppe’s Blog is the story of a primetime comedian come blogger Beppe Grillo who is giving a voice to millions of Italians and a headache to thousands of Italian politicians.

How We Live

On the front lines of energy projects across Europe, Horvath explores how our emotional and physical geographies are changed by the way we generate power.

4 x 6 Part Series - Al Jazeera

The Cure

Doctors travel to the frontiers of world health to find innovations in tech or meet the amazing people bringing medicine to the most remote parts of the planet.


Beads On One String

A metaphysical road movie where 50 folk from different faiths crammed into a bus and took off around India’s sacred sites. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they got more than they bargained for. There was a Buddhist student who climbed a mountain to ‘find himself’ only to realise that the pinkish smudge in the middle of everywhere he looked was in fact the tip of his nose.


Tour Fever

Agency Antidote asked us to make a series of docs about cycling fans in Yorkshire preparing for the Tour de France as part of their campaign for Team Sky. In the words of the bunting department at Harrogate Council  “They went viral”.

8 x 6 Part Series - Al Jazeera


We champion the individuals and grassroots initiatives exploring solutions to the environmental challenges we face today.

Watch Season 7 of the multi award winning show here: Al Jazeera

Channel 4, NHK

Us Now

A film about the power of mass collaboration, the government and the Internet. Screened in cinemas and festivals worldwide – including the U.N and The Hague. First TV broadcast C4’s ‘True Stories’