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Al Jazeera | Birth of a Movement
Arrested, harassed, beaten but still as noisy as ever - Ana de Sousa's film shows how the Angolan youth refuse to be silenced.
Director: Ana de Sousa
Producer: Hugh Hartford
November 2012

Angola's post-war economy is booming and its capital, Luanda, is the most expensive city in the world after Tokyo. Although the country is Africa's second-biggest oil producer, most Angolans live on less than $2 a day.


Meanwhile, the country's president and his ruling party have clung on to power for over three decades, gaining tight control of both the public and private sectors, and stifling dissent and protest.


But in 2011 - inspired by the Arab uprisings - a group of young Angolan activists took to the streets, demanding an end to decades of mismanagement and corruption. 

Arrested, harassed, beaten - the activists refuse to step down. This is the story of the birth of their movement.

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