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GODAN | Open Water
OPEN WATER tells the story of Abalobi Fisher, an app that is helping small-scale fisheries in South Africa provide sustainable food security for local, national and international markets.
Director: Dan Boaden
Producer: Dan Boaden
September 2016


Small-scale fisheries play an important role in providing sustainable food security for local, national and international markets. They are seen as stewards of the sea by some but largely remain marginalized and unrecognized by societies across the globe.


In South Africa, the fisher community have collaborated with the University of Cape Town to co-design a suite of apps to support and improve the small-scale fisheries industry.


Abalobi Fisher is an app that is free to download and provides valuable information about the weather and climate from open sources, plus records data about fisher practice and catch information.


This data has never fully been captured on a large scale before and enables a new understanding of the small-scale fisheries sector.


The hope is that it will showcase small-scale fisheries as a vital and valuable resource as well as a legitimized livelihood, not just to the local communities, but to the country as a whole.


GODAN's open data web series meets individuals around the world who are on the front line of how technology and data are reshaping agriculture to combat food insecurity and improve global nutrition.


GODAN supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable to deal with the urgent challenge of ensuring world food security.  


The initiative focuses on building high-level support  among governments, policymakers, international organizations and business. GODAN promotes collaboration to harness the growing volume of data generated by new technologies to solve long-standing problems and to benefit farmers and the health of consumers. We encourage collaboration and cooperation between stakeholders in the sector.


Credit List
Producer / Director
Director of Photography
Series Producer
Diana Szpotowicz