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Al Jazeera | Beppe's Blog
Aljazeera - People & Power
Director: Anson Hartford
Producer: Matan Rochlitz
February 2011

Beppe Grillo is giving Italy's political system the biggest shake-up in decades. His blog is the 8th most read in the world, and through it he has built a following of millions of Italians who are all calling for change. Remarkably, Grillo is not a politician, he is a comedian.


With exclusive access to Beppe Grillo and some of Italy's leading journalists, this documentary tells Grillo's remarkable story and shines a light on the incestuous relationship between Politics and the Media in Italy.

About People & Power

People & Power is an award-winning investigative documentary programme which examines the use and abuse of power around the world.


Each hard-hitting film is distinguished by its focus on stories that revolve around a struggle or conflict over power.


People & Power works with investigative journalists, independent producers and reporters around the world to bring underreported stories to light - speaking truth to power.

Credit List
Producer / Director
Matan Rochlitz