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Al Jazeera | Give Us Back Our Data
Rebel Geeks: seven part series
Director: Dan Davies
Producer: Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
September 2016

With services like email and social media, Amazon and Apple Pay, health, diet and even sleep-tracking, technology is pushing ever deeper into our lives. 

But should we just accept the new gadgets and services on offer, or is there a hidden cost to pay? 

This seven-part series profiles the Rebel Geeks challenging power structures and offering a different vision of our technological future.


Evgeny Morozov decodes the digital landscape to show how new technologies provide a smokescreen for a huge power shift.


Technology researcher and thinker Evgeny Morozov believes the entire discussion around cool, new innovative technology is a giant distraction from the most important issues.


In this film, Morozov unravels the digital landscape and shows us the real processes that are leading the huge transfer of power away from ordinary people.


We meet him in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is researching the digital history of the world. Morozov shows us how cutting-edge biometric and facial recognition technology leads to a world without privacy. He argues that instant identification leads to over-discrimination.


With data-harvesting companies collecting our social and financial information and selling it on to other companies, we head to a start-up in New York that is encouraging individuals to reclaim control of their personal data.

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What has happened I think is that Silicon Valley has usurped our imagination and has made it impossible for us to dream on our own terms. We have to treat data more or less the way we would treat a lot of natural resources. We have to treat them as something that cannot be sold.

Evgeny Morozov
Technology Researcher and Thinker
Credit List
Dan Davies
Robyn Wright
Series Producer
Dan Davies