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Al Jazeera | The Citizens' Network
Rebel Geeks: seven part series
Director: Katharine Round & Leah Borromeo
Producer: Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
September 2016

With services like email and social media, Amazon and Apple Pay, health, diet and even sleep-tracking, technology is pushing ever deeper into our lives. 

But should we just accept the new gadgets and services on offer, or is there a hidden cost to pay? 

This seven-part series profiles the Rebel Geeks challenging power structures and offering a different vision of our technological future.


How Bolivia is asserting its political and economic independence by setting up an entirely homemade Internet network.


After the Edward Snowden revelations, President Evo Morales said the United States was conducting electronic surveillance on "our most senior authorities" and stopped using his own email account.


This film investigates how Bolivian senator Nelida Sifuentes has led the campaign to restructure the way in which Bolivia and Latin America communicate, and restore power to ordinary citizens.


The tiny mountainous South American country has one of the world's slowest Internet connections, but the senator is leading the drive to develop infrastructure and software that will make Bolivia digitally independent.

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Technology is a new way to colonise and enter countries.

Nelida Sifuentes
Bolivian Senator
Credit List
Series Producer
Dan Davies