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The North Face | From 5 To 9
The Power In Me: three part series
Producer: Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
May 2016

Agency Factory Labs asked us to make 3 'micro movies' about The North Face sponsored athletes that embrace the mantra 'Never Stop Exploring'. It took us to the Himalayas, the Alps, the Pyrenees and a patch of Suburban greenery just past the M25.


Exploration is more than just places. It’s a chance to unleash the power in all of us. 


Fearghal O’Nuallain is a London-based geography teacher who belongs to a like-minded community of after-hours explorers. Fearghal and cohorts abandon their urban comforts to go on hiking and camping trips after after work, returning to the city the following morning to start another day. 

Credit List
Gary Forrester
Adam Shaw