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Al Jazeera | Steal from the Capitalists
Rebel Geeks: seven part series
Director: Yasmin Fedda
Producer: Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
December 2015

With services like email and social media, Amazon and Apple Pay, health, diet and even sleep-tracking, technology is pushing ever deeper into our lives. 

But should we just accept the new gadgets and services on offer, or is there a hidden cost to pay? 

This seven-part series profiles the Rebel Geeks challenging power structures and offering a different vision of our technological future.


As the Twitter co-creator returns to activism, his fellow hackers question the techniques he brings from Silicon Valley.


Evan "Rabble" Henshaw-Plath is a coder, activist, anarchist, and a hacker. He is also one of the original developers of Twitter.


Henshaw-Plath believes that, as a tech activist, his role is to promote social justice, and he is eager to empower civil society to influence politics through the use of software. He explains how TxTMob, a platform that enabled protesters to send text messages to large groups anonymously, formed the basis of Twitter. 


Now bridging the worlds of hackers, activists and Silicon Valley start-ups, he's on a mission: to use techniques he has learned in the world of lean start-ups to support the technology being developed by activist groups.

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Programmers are like digital superheroes. Everybody else gets to use the technology, the reality in which we play - but the programmers get to reshape the rules, the physics of our digital universe.

Evan "Rabble" Henshaw-Plath
Credit List
Series Producer
Dan Davies