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Al Jazeera | The Colonised Society
Europe's Forbidden Colony: stand alone two part series for Al Jazeera
Director: Dan Davies
February 2017

​Philosopher Srecko Horvat looks at Europe's identity crisis and asks if the continent is colonising itself.


From France's Front Nationale, to neo-fascists Jobbik in Hungary and the looming Brexit, Europe's disgruntled voters are turning to an anti-elitist populism that is challenging mainstream politics. With French and German elections due this year, there are fears centrist parties will lose more ground, but few can explain why. In this new two part documentary series, Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat looks behind the refugee flows, terror attacks, and Brexit to reveal what is really threatening Europe's establishment.

Episode Synopsis

The film shows how Europe's colonialism is experienced by the minority ethnic population, who disproportionately feel the power of state surveillance and intrusion.


Horvat reflects that it's not just the right that reaches for nationalist and xenophobic legitimacy. He illustrates how mainstream politicians - through France's banning of the niqab and the Danes taking valuables from migrants - channel this anger toward migrants, refugees and even the idea of Europe itself.


In this episode Horvat talks to MEP Nigel Farage, professor Noam Chomsky, Belgian youth worker Ihsane Haouach, Dr Corinne Torrekens, author of  Islam in Brussels, philosopher Slavoj Zizek, leader of far-right Hungarian party Jobbick Gabor Vona, Hungarian philosophers Agnes Heller and Gaspar Tamas.

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You look at Nice; Brussels; these are people from the miserable suburbs of Paris and Belgium. It's internal problems that are leading to the terrorist attacks. The people involved, the people who have been picked up by the police at least, have had very few shallow Islamic roots

Noam Chomsky
Credit List
Dan Davies
Srecko Horvat
Robyn Wright
Assistant Producer