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Al Jazeera | The Business of Colonisation
Europe's Forbidden Colony: stand alone two part series for Al Jazeera English
Director: Dan Davies
120 mins
February 2017

Philosopher Srecko Horvat looks at Europe's identity crisis and asks if the continent is colonising itself.


From France's Front Nationale, to neo-fascists Jobbik in Hungary and the looming Brexit, Europe's disgruntled voters are turning to an anti-elitist populism that is challenging mainstream politics. With French and German elections due this year, there are fears centrist parties will lose more ground, but few can explain why. In this new two part documentary series, Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat looks behind the refugee flows, terror attacks, and Brexit to reveal what is really threatening Europe's establishment.

Episode Synopsis

Unemployment, debt and an influx of refugees are often pointed to as the causes of a European identity crisis. But, Horvat asks, could they in fact be the results of it? 

He travels from Idomeni in Greece, where in 2015 refugees fleeing war and poverty entered Europe, to the dockyards of the Greek port of Pireaus, where workers' unions say they are fighting a new kind of privatisation, and from Romania, where people are fighting to protect their forests from international investment firms, to the City of London.  

In this episode Horvat talks Syrian refugee Mustafa al Hamoud, Greek dock workers Anastasia Frantzeskaki and Georgios Gogos. Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, privatisation expert Dr David Hall, Romanian lawyer Bogdan Tudor Todoran.

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This 21st century colonialism doesn't ride into town waving a national flag, it just seems to happen.

Srecko Horvat
Credit List
Dan Davies
Srecko Horvat
Robyn Wright
Assistant Producer