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Al Jazeera | Refugees Got Talent
To lift the spirits in a Greek refugee camp, four friends host a talent show.
Director: Theopi Skarlatos
Producer: Hugh Hartford
April 2017

Mahmoud has been stranded at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece for months. Dealing with the trauma of war and dislocation, depression is spiralling for many residents. 

He and his friends hatch a plan to lift people's spirits. They decide to organise an exciting TV-style talent show at the camp. 

Hundreds tune in to watch people sing, play instruments and perform sketches on the show, which is broadcast on an internet channel the group already run called 

But they soon face a backlash. With families mourning deaths of loved ones and growing increasingly desperate to find out when they will be resettled, some feel the upbeat show is insensitive. 

Mahmoud and the others don't back down. They want the contest to build up to a thrilling final with viewers voting for the winner, convinced it can bring people a little joy, even at the most difficult of times.


Part of Al Jazeera's Witness Strand

Credit List
Theopi Skarlatos
Director of Photography
Exec Producer