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Al Jazeera | The Mountain Will Fall
People and Power unravels the “natural disaster” that took place in Regent, Sierra Leone in August 2017, and uncovers a looming manmade crisis on a much greater scale joining the dots of a housing crisis and rampant deforestation.
Director: Paul Glynn
February 2018

In August 2017, a devastating landslide in Sierra Leone, killed over a thousand people. It was a terrible blow to a country that still bears the scars of a brutal civil war that ended two decades ago and the more recent, but equally appalling, Ebola crisis, which stretched the nation's limited resources to breaking point. 


Initially, freak rains brought on by climate change were thought to be the cause, but then other stories emerged - of corruption, greed and environmental degradation, of disastrous urban expansion and unheeded laws. It became clear that the catastrophe may have been as least as much a consequence of local failings as the result of global weather events. What's more, there had been stark warnings of looming disaster for many years.


Filmmaker Paul Glynn, who'd first heard these predictions while living in Sierra Leone a decade ago, went back to find out why they'd been so tragically ignored.

About People & Power

People & Power is an award-winning investigative documentary programme which examines the use and abuse of power around the world.


Each hard-hitting film is distinguished by its focus on stories that revolve around a struggle or conflict over power.


People & Power works with investigative journalists, independent producers and reporters around the world to bring underreported stories to light - speaking truth to power.

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