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9 June 2022
Ayouni in the cinema this month
Barnes Film Festival to host Ayouni



"A raging lament for Syria's disappeared" PETER BRADSHAW - THE GUARDIAN


"Compelling and empowering" JACOB KENNEDY - THE UP COMING


"Fedda’s powerful documentary is a reminder of how important it is that the international community still cares about what is going on in Syria" MARGARETA HRUZA - MODERN TIMES REVIEW


"Yasmin Fedda's documentary exposes the horrors of Syria's disappeared, but finds warmth in the strength of the survivors" JACK BLACKWELL - WE LOVE CINEMA


“Ayouni” takes its title from the Arabic word “my eyes,” which is both a term of endearment and in this case also a reference to the burden of bearing witness when the rest of the world has turned its eyes away." PETER KEOUGH - BOSTON GLOBE