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31 July 2018
Thank You For The Rain wins Best Story Award at NaturVision Film Festival, 2018.
NaturVision Film Festival, 2018

We are beyond thrilled to hear that Thank You For the Rain won the Best Story Award at the Natur Vision Festival, 2018! NaturVision is a film festival that focuses on nature and the environment. Through showcasing the beauty of nature, it aims to bring environmental stories to the big screen showing the vulnerability of our world and reporting on new promising solutions for environmental issues. Congrats to all of team!


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There are many films about people whose livelihood is at risk from climate change, but not many in which the victims themselves take to the camera. Kenyan farmer Kisilu Musya tells much of his story himself. He and his wife and seven children battle hopefully against droughts and violent storms. When a thunderstorm destroys his home and harvest, he sets up a village project to plant trees against climate impacts. But it’s not just the
initial lethargy of his neighbours that stretches Kisilu to his limits. Invited to Paris as an ambassador to the climate summit, he hopes to finally be heard. But experiences the disappointment of his life.


"Thank You for the Rain" tells authentically, respectfully and full of emotions, of the havoc already being wreaked by global warming. Another thing that distinguishes this documentary is that its Norwegian filmmaker openly addresses her own dilemma – namely, the blatant contrast between her affluent life and the farmer’s struggle for survival in Kenya. The award for best story goes to "Thank You for the Rain" by Julia Dahr.

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NaturVision Film Festival, 2018