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Only My Voice
In an ode to freedom migrant women share their ambitions and dreams of a new life.
Director: Miriam Rey
Producer: Hugh Hartford
September 2017

In transit through Athens, four women from the Middle East share their stories. They all left their countries at different times in their life and for different reasons. As they preferred not to be identified, only their voices are heard. Stories of up-rootedness and contradictory sensation and personal experience of freedom will gradually echo each other; resonating and interacting with the city of Athens.

Credit List
Myriam Rey
Director of Photography
Giannis Kasapakis
Alice Powell
Composer & Sound Design
Fabienne Debarre
Drone Photography
Christos Kodellas - XtremDrone
Sound Design & Mix
Aaron May
Online Editor
Chris Bell
Executive Producers
Noé Mendelle & Sonja Henrici
Series Producer
Flore Cosquer
Distribution Manager
Finlay Pretsell
Festivals Coordinator
Eve Korzec
Executive Producer
Jessica Loveland