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Anson & Hugh Hartford lead the creative team behind Banyak. They started working together in music and film as kids and formalised a production company in 2006. Anson entered into the world of film with a story about an unknown genius of photography - James Ravilious which was picked up by the BBC and narrated by Alan Bennett.  The next film consolidated a working partnership with his brother Hugh on the film Short Man of The Forest, a documentary following a primatologist on the hunt for the ‘Orang Pendek’, an animal few had seen, none had photographed and many believed didn’t even exist.


To date they have made feature films with BFI, Film4, ARTE, Norwegian Film Institute, Doc Society; and broadcast for BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, NBC. They have won numerous industry awards and film festival prizes.


Every film we've ever made has been a collaboration. A collaboration between people in front of and behind the camera. This collaboration is often the creative journey of the film itself. We've filmed in over 60 countries and our larger Banyak network is made up of an incredible pool of talented storytellers representing a creative power from all over the world.


We welcome new ideas and new collaborations.

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